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Estate Planning Attorney Colorado

I can assist your family or business with a wide range of legal issues as an estate planning attorney Colorado area. My firm is unique in that it was created to meet the demands of increasing families and companies.

Wills, trusts, probate administration, living wills, powers of attorney, and general estate planning are all areas in which our estate planning attorneys have substantial experience. We also help customers with conservatorship and guardianship difficulties. We can also help clients with particular estate planning issues including guardianships for incompetent persons in Colorado.

Are you financially prepared for a disability or death that occurs unexpectedly?

We talk about this a lot, but it’s important to talk about now, before anything unexpected happens. We frequently (and tragically) represent customers who find themselves in the midst of cleaning up the finances of an unprepared loved one, as this recent article demonstrates. The last thing a caregiver or estate administrator wants to think about when a loved one is unwell, incapacitated, or has died is money.

Because our estate planning attorneys are themselves company owners, we understand that avoiding taxes, lowering administration costs, and arranging for the continuance or dissolution of family businesses or land are all significant considerations in any estate plan.

Our customers benefit from the personalized, compassionate legal services we provide to the entire family – so join our client family and experience how much we care.

Will Signing is an important part of estate planning attorney Colorado. Is your family and property safe? Would your children or spouse have access to the legal documents they’d need if you died or were incapacitated? I assist individuals and families in preparing affordable, tailored estate plans, including wills, trusts, guardianships, and powers of attorney.

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